Student Affairs

Student Affairs Division


The The students` Affairs division is in charge of all non- academic matters concerning students. The Division is under the office of the Provost. The Division assists students to improve their conditions as they struggle to achieve their goals in life. The mandate of the Division includes:

  1. Provision of on-campus students’ accommodation
  2. Provision of sporting facilities for students
  3. Settlement of disputes among students
  4. Provision of counseling services to students on matters affecting them socially, and academically
  5. Handling all matters relating to trading on campus
  6. Conveyance of sick students to the College clinic, and the corpses of deceased students to their homes when such students fall sick or die while College is in session.
  7. Handles all matters relating to students’ clubs, societies, association and Unions.

Students Affairs Officer

The Students Affairs Officer is the administrative officer of the Division. He handles students’ Union matters, orientation programme, identifies student for clearance and signs postal/money order for students. He is the secretary of all committees in the division and performs any other assignments assigned to him by the Dean.

Guidance and Counseling Officer

The student Guidance counselor is responsible for the counseling session and advises students on matters relating to Academic employment and personal matters.. He organizes lectures, excursions and provides information on career prospects to students. He handles matters relating to the old students Association.

Sports and Recreation

The sports organizer is responsible for providing sports facilities and equipment for the students of the College. He coordinates sporting activities among students and between students and outside sporting interests and organizes sporting competition among students within the College. 

Sport Committee

The sports Committee develops and controls all students sporting facilities in the College. It also organizes novelty matches and inter-school or inter departments sporting and athletic competition in the College. The Committee advises the Provost on all matters relating to students sporting and games activities in and outside the campus.

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Dean Student Affairs
Babangida Alkali


The Dean of students Affairs is a senior member of the academic staff. He is appointed by the Provost and is directly responsible to him for the day-to-day running of the Division. The Dean is assisted by a Deputy and a Students’ Affairs Officer.

Office of The Dean

The Dean is the Chief Executive of the division. It is his responsibility to coordinate all non- academic affairs of students. He is responsible for student welfare, discipline and accommodation. He performs other functions assigned to him by the Provost.

Students Relations and Welfare Officer

The students’ relations officer liaises with Works department to report and undertake hostel repairs and oversees hostel Sanitation. He is in charge of Hostel allocation, students clubs and association; and helps in sorting out students disputes. 

Student Services


The college provides accommodation to both male and female students. Due to in sufficient number of bed spaces, accommodation is provide on the basis of first come first serve. 


The state students’ Union normally liaises with their respective state scholarship Boards on matters related to scholarship. However, the students’ Affairs Division can assist students with scholarship problem by communicating with the various scholarship Boards in the country on behalf of the students of the College. In addition, the Division assists students on Federal scholarship.

Students Conduct and Disciplines

As a teacher training institution, the College expects its students to show high sense of discipline and conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. Whenever a student behaviour falls below the expectation of the College, his departments, schools, office of the Dean students Affairs and other members of the College community assist him to review his behaviour so as to enable him live peacefully with members of the College community. Where the efforts to correct students’ behaviour failed, then, the student has to be brought before the students Disciplinary Committee.

College Clinic

The College clinic has medical Doctors and a number of nursing personnel who are always available. The College clinic is situated near Abu Ali library. Students who require serious medical attention are referred to the Federal Medical Centre Azare.

Personal Vehicles

A Student, like everyone else is allowed to drive his vehicle on campus, and park it at designated parking space. It should be noted, however, that students driving on campus have to obey the same driving rules and regulations as outside. Rough and dangerous driving is not tolerated on campus.